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Tap in with Girls in the Hood!!: New Music for The Summer "She Speaks"

With new singles from rap superstars such as Lil Baby with the "Bigger Picture" and Da Baby with "Rockstar", the guys aren't the only ones with hot new singles for the summer. The ladies Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie have released new singles as well. Megan Thee Stallion recently released her newest single "Girls in the Hood". To help debut her new single Megan gave a captivating performance on this year's BET awards! Along with Megan, Saweetie released her latest single "Tap In" which has continuously made waves across the internet! Both ladies have shown that even though everyone else is on lockdown their music, is definitely not!

Sampling the 1991 classic song “ Boyz n the Hood” by rapper Eazy E, Megan puts her own spin on things.“Boyz n the Hood” was originally apart of the soundtrack to the 1991 film “Boyz n the Hood” directed by legendary producer John Singleton. Megan’s success with the remix is certainly a positive reflection of women’s current reign in hip-hop, typically known as a male-dominated field. In the song “Girls in the Hood” Megan speaks about her lifestyle, critics, and her self worth.

“I'm a hot girl, I do hot shit (I do hot shit)

Spend his income on my outfit (On my outfit)

I don't text quick 'cause I ain't thirsty (I ain't thirsty)

These bitches mad, mad, they wanna hurt me (Ah, ah)”

With a catchy hook and a very familiar beat, Megan once again has definitely provided a new “bop” for the summertime!

Also creating new “bops” for the summertime Saweetie has released her new single Tap in. Along with her latest single Saweetie also dropped “Pretty B**** Music” freestyle on Thursday, July 2nd in honor of her birthday. “Tap In” is sampled from the classic 2006 song “Blow the Whistle’ by rapper Too Short. In the song “Tap In” Saweetie speaks to her extravagant lifestyle, dating preferences, and the overall goal to be financially secure.

“Li'l waist, fat ass, bitch, tap in

Tap, tap, tap in

Diamonds dancin' on your neck, nigga, tap in

Tap, tap, tap in

Fuck a nigga, get rich, bitch, tap in

Tap, tap, tap in

M-O-B, Icy Gang, nigga, tap in

Tap, tap, tap in”

In ‘Pretty B**** Music’ Freestyle Saweetie also speaks to similar things regarding her lifestyle.

Big mama, I'm a shit talker

I see them copy every look, I got a few daughters

Every check I deposit got a few commas

Pretty bitch, mouth slick, I'm a good problem

I don't sleep in Gucci, hating out so boasty”

With upbeat music and catchy lyrics, the ladies have shown that they are here for the summer! We can’t wait to see what these ladies do next!

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