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Never mind what KEVIN SAMUELS ranks the women, this is what DA-MIND has to say about women's BEAUTY!

Although professional image and style consultant turned popular YouTube entertainer Kevin Samuels provides a very informative yet entertaining platform for viewers, recently he's been reduced to being known for "ranking women's beauty" live on air for those only familiar with short clips that could be easily used to be taken out of context. With many women today feeling insecure about their own physical attractiveness and worried that they may not measure up to certain men's "beauty standards", indie Atlanta, GA based hip hop recording artist and certified "high valued man" Da-Mind has released a song to remind all the women in the world that they are beautiful just the way they are! The song is suitably titled "Beautiful" and the uplifting lyrics will surely remind the women just how "beautiful" they truly are!

Stream the song by Da-Mind titled "Beautiful" at the direct link below


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Da-Mind "Beautiful"

STREAM THE SINGLE HERE: https://www.spreaker.com/user/6548104/da-mind-beautiful-radio-edit

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