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Album Review: Jacob Latimore Proves that R&B is Still Alive

It has been said many times that R&B is dead. They say that there’s no one making good music anymore. Yet, I'm willing to bet that those same people have not listened to Jacob Latimore’s new EP.  After taking a short hiatus from music to focus more on his acting, his newest work was released just last month. This is the third installment of his “Connection” album series. As an independent artist, Jacob also has released two other projects to critical acclaim. 

His new project features original songs as well as past favorites.  Entitled “C3” showcases Jacob’s maturity and growth as an artist. Some of us remember him when theirs burst on the music scene as a young teenager. But it is plain to see that not only has his voice become more impressive, but his artistry has developed.

There’s a little something for everyone. The single“Fashion” is a high energy dance track that is still sexy. 

One thing is for sure is that you must check it out. There's still real music being made. Support artists that Support artists that take the time to curate their sound and nurture their craft. If you were not a Jacob Latimore fan before then "C3" will make you one!

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