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COACH LEE provides a SAFE SPACE for people to heal and grow through new FACEBOOK COMMUNITY

Mental Health and wellness industry professional and certified life coach, Alesah "Coach Lee" Richardson has supported and assisted a plethora of individuals with their mental health struggles during the lock-down and world wide Covid-19 pandemic by providing them with her life coaching resources, person to person fellowship, virtual workshops and "Self Love Journey" courses. Coach Lee and her company Memorable Moments by Lee, LLC has been of excellent service to the community and everyone looking to improve their lives and overall mental health.

Recently, Coach Lee has teamed up with the admins of the popular Facebook group Blacktopia: Black Utopian Society to create an all new online community titled Memorable Moments by Lee's Self Love Support Group

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The primary focus of Memorable Moments by Lee's Self Love Support Group is to bring people together, help lean on other individuals going through similar experiences and so that Coach Lee can better assist it's members with mental health, selfcare, self love and general self devolvement and improvement goals.

Coach Lee also provides private members online video content, meditation instruction videos, health and wellness tips and more! Join the new Facebook community "Memorable Moment's By Lee's Self Love Support Group"


Visit Coach Lee's official website http://www.MemorableMomentsByLeeLLC.com