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Kula Voncille was born in Richmond, VA and is the embodiment of the mantra, "VA is for Lovers and Hustlers." Kula "Kueen Kong" Voncille has always been a student of hip hop but for Kula, 2014 was the year she started to chase her own glory. Kula Von won the Soul Logistic Radio Gong Show Contest and opened for the legendary Slick Rick.

Kula's musical influences include, but not limited to Eminem, Lauryn Hill, J. Cole, T.I. and Redman. When people describe her lyrical skills, she will kick an a capella showing you rather than telling you!

Kula Voncille has performed at various prestigious venues throughout Virginia such as Ma Michele Cafe and Catering, Maple Bourbon,

The Camel, The Top, VCUs International Contemporary Arts Building,

The Well Art Gallery, The Beauty and Barber Fashion Show. Kula Voncille has also performed at Fashion Shows in Atlanta, as well as industry parties and open mixes in New York and North Carolina.


2014 1st place winner of The Souls Logistics Gong Show Contest

2017 1st place winner of the Music and Lyrics Competition.

2018 RVA Music Awards Best Rapper and Best Lyricist

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Twitter @kula0323

YouTube: Kula Voncille

Soundcloud @Kula_Voncille

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Kula Voncille doesn't just rock a crowd, she also BRINGS THE CROWD too. Kula Voncille has fans and supporters around the states that love watching her perform live, so BOOK Kula Voncille for your next event!



Kula Voncille's music is available for download and streaming on all platforms!

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