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Art Imitates Life: A True Sexual Assault Experience inspires a Triumphant Fictional Story

The best works of art in history from fine literature, great music, wonderful theatrical releases, inspirational poems, incredible visual art pieces, sculptures, etc. were all inspired by true events and experiences, especially those that were birthed at the expense of the creator. When it comes to books (fiction as well as nonfiction), many outstanding works, and bestsellers were created as a result of unfortunate, and tragic events experienced from the author firsthand.

Author Tiffany L. Brown's current book release, the critically acclaimed drama fiction novel Reality Check: A Survivors Story is a tale loosely based around her own sexual assault experience as well as dealing with the aftermath after the altercation. Tiffany Brown is also a courageous spokeswoman and advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and aides many individuals through her organization The Butterfly Visions Project. Being a staunch advocate for those dealing with the trauma of sexual violations as well as being a survivor herself, Tiffany L. Brown knows this subject all to well and was able to vividly create the picture and tell the story thoroughly by drawing from her own experiences and situations that she's witnessed firsthand.

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EMOTIONAL, LIFE-CHANGING, DRAMATIC AND POWERFUL! Toni is a confident community leader and businesswoman until one horrific night turns her from advocate to survivor. Toni has to rediscover who she is and what her future holds while trying to trust and love again. In the midst of her healing, she questions her sexuality, her friendships and her own personal purpose in life. Not only is Toni responsible for herself, but she is also responsible for three teen girls who are suffering from their own trauma and trying to find their way in the world. Denise is a young lady who identifies as a lesbian and has Toni wondering if maybe their is another way to love while Melanie learns she's pregnant and calls on Toni to help her make a big decision that will change her life forever but not before meeting Stephanie who reminds her exactly of herself. Will Toni be able to find herself again after one reality check after another or will she evolve into something much much more? Find the answers in the pages of Reality Check! Reality Check: A Survivor Story is based off of true events and is 1 of 4 books about the inspirational and powerful characters you can relate to and grow to love in the Reality Check series!

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